Through years of art and design many resources have bubbled up in the way of vendors, informative guides, and supplies. In the hope that you use these resources to make the world a more magical place here is a completely transparent list of resources I use:



Neon Design Chicago
(aka Fletcher Honoroma Inc)



Craftsmen and gentlemen. Neon Design on Ashland is the best. Tell Mark Kyle Fletcher sent you! They're not only signmakers but artists looking to push the field of neon - really great folks to work with.

Contact: Mark Wright, Esquire & owner

Independent Sign Co.
Craftsmen of quality neon signs in Chicago at the Irving Park brown line stop. 
Contact: Mark Harrer

Stamps & Embossers
Excellent quality high density rubber stamps and metal embossers - all custom and quick!

April 7s Chicago
High quality archival framing - beautiful work. They frame everything for me including difficult custom work like my Perler bead pieces. Absolutely the best around.
Contact: Martin


Alpha Flags, Seattle WA
Timely custom embroidered flags. They're willing to customize everything!
Contact: Ann Meyer

Studio Space

Fulton St. Collective, Chicago IL
Small studios available for rent - great for makers on a budget!
Contact: Joe Lanassa


Discount Mugs
Fast turn-around decent quality mugs. Just make sure to ride them hard about details.

Clothing, Apparel, & Accessories

Reasonable quality but fast turn around and short run. Like them for totes, shirts, and some housewares. Their framing is pretty good budget framing too - but I'd still go to April7s for the real deal.
These guys are awesome. Much higher quality than Society6 for custom short run apparel - and they rotate what products they customize quite often and reach out to artists to do collaborations.



Printers Studio
Speedy printer of professional quality playing cards.
Spring Olive
Exceptional letterpress printing both long and short run.
Contact: Olivia Samson
White House Custom Colour
Budget professional printing. Great for digital short-run books and photos.
Print Makers Chicago
Reliable high quality printers for archival gicleé printing in Chicago.
Contact: Debora
Brown & Pratt
Roll printing at its very best - they did my Fiscal Cliff Notes series and nailed it!
Contact: Brandon Smith